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About Engineer For a Day

In 2013, the seeds of innovation were sown by the visionary trio – Vincent J., Victoria R., and Barraya H. These pioneers, lovingly dubbed the "Founding Three," identified a void in Central Ohio's educational landscape, recognizing the crucial need to introduce students to the wonders of STEM at an early age. Thus, Engineer For a Day was born.

The inaugural event, held at DeVry University, marked the genesis of a transformative initiative. Four dynamic engineering workshops, each spanning 40 minutes, delved into the realms of Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering.  Engineer For a Day has evolved into the LEAD STEM Expo attracting 100 to 200 individuals yearly.

The LEAD STEM Expo aims to inspire and captivate young minds through immersive, hands-on activities. Our goal is to cultivate a passion for STEM fields, fostering a generation of inquisitive thinkers and future innovators.

Join us on this extraordinary event at the LEAD STEM Expo and help us inspire young lives.

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