LEAD & E-STEM Chapters

LEAD aims to nurture, prepare and develop the young professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders of tomorrow by using STEM concepts.


LEAD fulfills its mission through our summer programs, year round STEM program(E-STEM Chapters) and its community events.

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West Virginia E-STEM NSBE Jr.

The Empowering Students Through Experience and Mentorship(E-STEM) group of chapters aims to raise the next generation of leaders, by using STEM concepts. 


E-STEM West Virginia will have 4th  to 12th grade students learn about different careers, cultures, and exciting experiences outside of their communities. Additionally, our 8th to 12th grade members will prepare for college while learning about the college admissions process, scholarships, financial aid and preparing for the ACT.


Furthermore, many of our students will attend different college and the professional world through various workshops, groups, and conferences.  


All of the workshops, competitions and events throughout the year ultimately equip our members with the necessary tools to become the next generation of engineers, scientist, entrepreneurship, civic leaders and many more professional that society needs in the future. 

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