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E-STEM's Purpose

The Empowering Students Through Experience and Mentorship(E-STEM) group of chapters aims to raise the next generation of leaders, by using STEM concepts. 


E-STEM brings K to 12th-grade students together to learn about different careers, cultures, and exciting experiences outside of their communities. Additionally, E-STEM members prepare for college and the professional careers through various workshops, competitions and conferences.  All of the programs our members attend ultimately help our students become the next generation of engineers, scientist, entrepreneurship, civic leaders and more.


How Does E-STEM Work

E-STEM  has three different levels of chapters to cater to the needs of students within an array of grades. Students participate in general body meetings, and events typically twice a month. Each meeting focuses on different STEM topics while local experience days can range from visiting science museums, attending expos/conference or having professional development, entrepreneurship and college readiness workshops. Members also engage in local and national STEM competitions such as  the Drone Competition, Try Math a Lon and Technical Innovation Competition.


Our Results

100% High School Graduation and College Acceptance Rate

2024 Semi Finalist Ohio Drone Competition

2024 NSBE National PCI Female of the Year Receipt Award

First Place at the 2023 National Try Math a Lon with Justice Code

2022 Technical Innovation Competition Research Project Winner

2021 NSBE National PCI Female of the Year Receipt Award

First Place at the 2018 Kidslinked Expo Math Quiz Bowl

First Place at the 2018 Eastbay NSBE Drone Competition.

First Place at the 2017 Local Engineering Design Competition

Second Place at the 2017 National Technical Innovation Competition

Leadership Diversity Alliance 2018 San Diego Conference Workshop Presenters


Cost & How to Obtain Funding

Each E-STEM Program Fee, can be found on their programs booklet and/or application.



STEM Exposure

Field Trips

STEM Competitions


ACT/SAT Tutoring

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