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Celebrating Success: A Recap of LEAD's Spring 2024 Achievements

As we bid farewell to another school year, it's time to reflect on the remarkable accomplishments of LEAD and its affiliated programs. From the heart of Charleston, WV to the halls of Legacy Academy, the spring of 2024 has been nothing short of extraordinary.

At Abundant Life Ministries in Charleston, WV, LEAD concluded its programs with great success. These initiatives undoubtedly left a positive impact on the community, fostering growth and empowerment among participants.

Meanwhile, at Legacy Academy, students and educators alike have been on a winning streak. Their dedication and hard work have propelled them to new heights, culminating in a season of triumphs and achievements.

One standout accomplishment comes from the E-STEM Katherine Johnson (KJ) NSBE Jr. Chapter. This group of bright minds has not only attended the prestigious BEYA Conference but has also claimed victory by winning a Golden TORCH Award. Additionaly student in this chapter volunteered on MLK Day to make hats for homeless students around Central Ohio. Furthermore, their prowess in the drone competition as semi-finalists showcases their exceptional talents and dedication to excellence.

But the success doesn't end there. The Unity Community Center from Delaware has added another feather to LEAD's cap by winning the Inspire Award at the REC Aerial Competition. This recognition underscores the impactful work being done across different communities, inspiring others to reach for greatness.

As we look ahead to the future, there's an undeniable sense of excitement and anticipation. The accomplishments of this school year serve as a testament to the potential and promise of our students. With their drive and determination, the possibilities are endless, and the places they'll go are limitless.

In closing, let's celebrate the triumphs of LEAD and its affiliates this spring. May these achievements serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come. Here's to a bright and promising future, filled with even greater accomplishments and milestones.


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